This website was developed by A navalla suíza in the 3rd trimester of 2012. It was publicly released on October 6th, the same year. 


Only free softare was used in the website creation.

  • The server runs under Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat).
  • The pages are served by Apache 2.2.16.
  • The videos are displayed by html5 and we also use an alternate Flash player.
  • For the events syncronization with the main documentary video we used Popcorn.js.
  • The website was built with php framework phpCan upon php5, and with CSS framework cSans. These two tools are developed by A navalla suíza.
  • For interactivity, jQuery framework was used, with several plugins.


The Jóvenes y Cambio Climático logo is a creation by Ana Vaquerizo, from IES Puerta Bonita in Madrid. The graphic and web design is authored by Abel Saldaña, Ana Vaquerizo and Jenaro Argente. Layout and final web depelopment was made by A Navalla Suíza. For the website we used as main typography Bree Serif, designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione in 2008. For the titles we chose Source Sans Pro, designed by Paul D. Hunt. This is a sans serif typography optimized for user interfaces. In both cases we used the version given by Google Web Fonts.

The colous used at the website are #249791 green, #235A7A blue, and #313131 grey for the footer.