The Project

"Youngsters Facing Climate Change" is a documentary made from the collaboration four educational centres from A Coruña, Seville, Tarragona and Madrid. Access each of them to know better the work made by each team.

The documentary

Youngsters Facing Climate Change is a creative documentary made by the young audiovisual communication vocational training students from the families of Communication, Image and Sound. Following the original documentary puzzle format of the project Youngsters Seen by Youngsters this piece is made in four parts that offer us the vision that the youngsters have about this phenomenon taking place on the different climate regions of Spain.

These regions make up the environment of the educative centers in Spain that participate in this audiovisual coproduction: IES Puerta Bonita from Madrid (coordinator center), Institut Pere Martell from Tarragona, IES Néstor Almendros from Seville and IES Imaxe e Son from A Corunna.

The impact and the footprints of the climate change are different in Galicia, Seville, Tarragona or Madrid, just the same as the attitude of their population and the youngsters against this phenomenon. At the end of this audiovisual production, the protagonists of the pieces and their authors agree on the importance of these impacts and the pressing necessity of doing urgently everything that the experts, who appear in this documentary, have said.

The project

Youngsters Facing Climate Change is the title of a R+D applied innovation proyect, funded with a grant given by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (BOE's resolution, October 20th, 2011). This project is developed by the following educational and research Spanish centres:

  • IES Puerta Bonita, in Madrid, as the coordinador centre.
  • Institut Pere Martell, in Tarragona.
  • IES Néstor Almendros, in Seville.
  • IES Imaxe e Son, in A Coruña.
  • MDCS Research Group (Dialectical Mediation of Social Communication), at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Lines of work

Line 1: Creation of the documentary Youngsters facing the climate change, the result is a cooperative work of more than 80 students and 15 teachers from the different centers in Spain that teach Audiovisual Vocational Training on Communication, Image and Sound. This audiovisual coproduction piece is developed in the framework on this applied innovation project. It is a documentary of creation made by youngsters whose main goal is to help in the education and awareness of other youngsters about the global warming phenomenon, making the compromise of mitigation and adaptation to the climate change easier. This new audiovidual coproduction follows the format and the lines of work of the veteran project of audiovisual and educative innovation “youngsters seen by youngers”. 

Line 2: Apart from the documentary prepared for the theatres and television, other audiovisual contents, such as interactive and transmedia, have been created at the same time. The youngsters have designed the content and the structure of the webpage during the “transmedia storytelling” workshop made during the first encounter of the participating centers that was hosted in Madrid. The graphic design of this interactive documentary web along with the multiplatform contents have been made in the graphic design workshop by the students of Graphic Arts. This web links to the different participating institutions and the online access for the distribution of content.

Line 3: At the same time the development of activities regarding the previouslines of work has been made, the MSDCS group of investigation belonging to the Complutense University, in collaboration with the audiovisual formation centers, different activities have taken placed in order to develop the investigation and communication of the climate change.

The main activities made are:

  • Preparation and registration of the two discussion groups made of youngsters (Focus Group) regarding environmental problems and climate change.
  • Execution of a conversation and debate day with groups formed by experts; researchers, journalists, scientists, politicians, activist and businessmen. All of the participants were chosen according to their professional activity related with the climate change phenomenon, environment or energy. This day was created and prepared according to Philips 66 methodology.


The activities carried out by the MDCS group in the framework of this Project, have allowed us to contrast the speech of the media regarding the climate change, along with the social perception of the risk that this phenomenon means for the young people. In order to do that, the obtained results after the analysis of the focus groups made with youngsters have been contrasted along with the results obtained after the analysis of the news related to climate change on TVprograms and news broadcasted in Spain during 2010 and 2011, on the occasion of the climate summit.

Held meetings: sharing experiences

During the development of the Project, four meetings have been held, where students and teachers from the different centers on Spain have attended.

  • The first meeting for the coordination and the start of the project was held in Madrid on January, 2012. This encounter went deep into the innovation that the transmedia project meant; Along with the presentation of Maria Yáñez regarding a workshop about transmedia storytelling. The project included already, as a main goal, the creation of a documentary interactive webpage with various audiovisual pieces and interactive contents adapted to this audiovisual and scientific spread platform.
  • The second meeting took place from February 29th to March 3rd, 2012, being held on Institut Pere Martell in Tarragona. During those four days more than 40 students and 12 teachers gathered. Apart from the group visualization of the project and the coordination meetings, during two days, a 3D video workshop took place, taught by the Cinematographer Pablo Díez. Among the different activities on this workshop, the students took a field trip to the Ebro Delta, visited the environmental educational center and worked on a 3D recording session on location. The long day journey ended up with a trip by boat to the mouth of the river Ebro and the consequently recordings from the deck of the footprints on the climate change on Ebro Delta.
  • The third meeting took place in A Coruna, from April 10th to April 13th, 2012 to make up the extended version of the documentary and move forward with the graphic design of the webpage of the project. During this gathering, a colour grading workshop took place, taught by the well-known cinematographer Suso Bello. During these two days, the students from the centers worked with the digital colour correction software DaVinci Resolve Lite.

  • Last but not least, from June 14th to June 16th, 2012, the last meeting took place in order to make the presentation of the documentary. It was showed on the auditory of Tomares in Seville. Apart from the premiere, during this last encounter, the students and teachers involved in this project in Seville were able to participate in a 3D sound workshop.

Premiere on Room 1, Cinema Doré, Spanish Film Library

The premiere took place on the main room of Cinema Doré on October 6th, 2012. The version of the documentary Youngsters Facing Climate Change was specially prepared for the viewing on theatres. For the public communication on the big screen of this documentary, the main room of the Cinema Doré was full of a heterogeneous audience. After the projection of the documentary, the young authors from Madrid, that took part on this audiovisual coproduction among educative centers in Spain, answered questions from the audience. A discussion and reflection about the climate change and its implications on the economy, health or the foreseeable social changes arose. Among all the congratulations that the youngsters received from their work, It took place a warming change of opinions about the complex situation that the environment is going through in relation to the social and the financial context that we live nowadays. The youngsters provided answers to all the questions. After a year of intensive work, they have discovered the real situation of the climate change that the Social Media (SM) doesn’t tell us.

On the Facebook page created for the spreading of the news regarding this project, you would
find many comments made by the students after the presentation of the project. 

“Youngsters facing Climate Change" on TVE

The young authors of the audiovisual productions come from different educative centers in Spain and have participated in the making of this documentary of creation to show the reality of climate change and how it is seen by the youngsters on the territories of their educative centers: A Coruna, Tarragona, Seville and Madrid. The exploited climate region includes Atlantic and Continental climate, going through Mediterranean. Some teamworks travelled to the Canary and Balearic Islands to complete the map of footprints left by the climate change in Spain, including subtropical climate. An intense experience shared by students and teachers, full of gatherings and meetings of teamworks for the design of the project webpage, DVD authoring, premiere preparations, formative and web creation workshops and the recording of the special TV program “The Knowledge Adventure” that TVE2 dedicated to the project the last October 8th, 2012. The program included the broadcast of the 30 minutes documentary “youngsters facing climate change”. This program can be watched online



Coordination: Gemma Teso Alonso

Teachers from IES Néstor Almendros in Seville

Virginia Guerrero García
Miguel Domínguez Rodríguez
María José García Orta
Yolanda Rodríguez García
Asunción Galván Álvarez, centre coordinator.

Teachers from IES Puerta Bonita in Madrid

Julián Martínez Romo
Carmen López-Fuensalida Moya
Jenaro Argente Alcaraz
Jaime del Campo Peláez
Gemma Teso Alonso, centre coordinator.

Teachers from Institut Pere Martell in Tarragona

Alejandro Romero Herrera
Josep M. Grau Masot, centre coordinator.

Profesores from IES Imaxe e Son de A Coruña

Mercedes Caínzos
Olga Osorio
Olaia Sendón
José Antonio Pérez París
Victoriano Sierra Ferreiro
Elisa Vecino, centre coordinator.


The work of the Galician company A Navalla Suíza was also involved  in this project in the transmedia web developement.

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